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She is a teacher at Honey Kisaragi's school and lusts for Honey(the curvy girl. Not the food). She looks kinda like that guy from Devilman the 70s show but seems more female(but still likes women)(curvy women)(like Honey and her boin). She is also in a Lesbian love relationship with Principal Pochi and in the manga are shown in the woods...naked...together.


Alphonne 73 opening

The subs are about Honey...we hope...

Cutey honey AnimeEdit

In this series she is a teacher at Honey-chan's school and lusts for Honey Kisaragi and her sexy good looks. She is often used for comic relief and looks manish/unattractive(well, some people like her). After the school is blown up, she trys to trys to win money at a casino and doesn't appear again until the final episode.

Cutey Honey MangaEdit

Principle Pochi and Alphonne in love

Time for some creepy Yuri xD

Alphonne getting killed Manga

Her last moments were with a woman.

In here she is mainly the same character as the anime. Her lesbian love relationship with Principal Pochi is seen in volume 1 page 091 when they are in the woods naked together. She is kiled in volume 2 page 121 where she holds up Miharu Tsuneni's head before gets her body blown up as her head flys off from a blast.

New Cutey HoneyEdit

In here she has a brief cameo in New Cutey Honey OVA 8‏‎ as a TV reporter.

Alphonne New Cutey Honey Cameo

I really don't know how she is in here after she died in the manga and Danbei being 150 in here.

Cutey Honey FEdit

She is Danbei's older sister in this version (weird), and has a pet dog named Pochi (again, weird considering the above). She doesn't apper to be a lesbian in this version, however (then again, who is?).

Re: Cutey HoneyEdit

I seem to recall her being in here for a few seconds in a scene where i think she was watching TV.


Alphonne Kekko Kamen Cameo

Shes in the sailor-ish outfit with a red skirt

  • Devilman#TV Version:Akira's  teacher Proffesor Alfonso is what she was based off of right down to the moustache.
  • Kekko Kamen: She has a brief cameo as a student in the background in a kinda "Where's Waldo" cameo thing.

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