Aids Violence Vack Evil Town OVA

Aids has a knife? OR: That knife has Aids!

Aids is a big beefy malcontent from Violence Jack Evil Town who was part of Section B. He has no hair and red colors around his eyes(face paint? tattoos? its not explained). In the Manga UK dub he's renamed Toad as they probably didn't want a character named after that secks disease.

What he doesEdit

Aids Violence Jack Evil Town OVA about to get cut

After the great Kanto quake he and other groups were sealed in a mall that sunk underground. He and the others in section B started b0ning the women. Later they formed Cliques and he joined Section B since he loves partying and b0ning.

When Violence Jack was released, He Wasp and some 3rd guy(I cant find his name(nevermind, its Toby)) attack Section A but Jack slags the 3rd guy and the other 2 run home. He's nearly killed by Mad Saulus but Blue saves him. Later they are gathering supplies for a swap and trade and Wasp offers him some secks booster cuz the chix of Section C are gonna be there. Tom Cat criticizes em for wasting time but they respond by offering to b0ne her(which she refuses as she's queer(lol, she didn't want aids))

At the swap and meet the chix show up and out Section A as being as bad as Section B. Like the rest of B, Aids is proud of his actions and lols about it (like college guys nowadays)

Later, Section B attacks A and Aids kills some guy and b0nes his woman. He also witnesses Kawamori's betrayal with Saulus and Blue and other droogs. When they go to get the chix, Jack stands in their way and (like a dumba55) Aids tries to slag Jack with only a knife(he is KO'ed in 1 hit) but Saulus holds Jack off long enough for Aids and his droogs to get by.

After reaching the last level, the surviving Section B homies and Kawamori slagged Rikki and start b0ning the surviving Section C chix. Then Jack comes in and chops everyone up (except the good guys(like axe cop)). Aids gets sliced across the face and his whole eye falls out(its pretty sick homie. Blicketee black!)


He doesn't directly appear in the manga but several characters have simi9lar stuff to him